Friday, March 20, 2009

Batman: Battle for the Cowl #1

Battle for the Cowl #1
Written and illustrated by Tony Daniel
Published by DC Comics

The real Batman went crazy and battled a guy who said he was his dad and then he got captured by Darkseid and the two of them shot each other. Batman got killed by Darkseid’s eye lasers and his body was burned up and stuff. All the bad guys in Gotham City know that Batman is missing and think that he’s dead so they start causing more problems. I know that this story is supposed to be about all of Batman’s friends like Nightwing, Robin, the old Robin and Alfred helping protect the city and they are going to battle people like Two Face and Hush to see who is going to get the be the new Batman. I think Nightwing deserves it since he’s really cool and he’s been with Batman the oldest. Alfred knew him longer but he’s too old.

I like that all of Batman's friends were helping the city because everyone is upset that Batman is dead, like the Batman and Robin from other countries who were helping out. The part where Robin was teaming up with the girl was good and I liked his motorcycle a lot. I like how the Riddler was asking Comissoner Gordon if Batman was dead and Gordon just ignored him and I thought it was cool when the batsignal went off with RIP written on it.

Black Mask looks like a cool villain and I like how he freed all the other bad guys to have them team up together and if they don't work with him he melts their faces off. I think it was cool when he blew up the big jail and set it on fire so they can’t go back there.

I really thought that the first Batman they showed was going to be the old Batman who wore the armor since he looked kind of like a robot and the colors in the pictures were red. But I think that Batman and the one on the last page were the same one. I don't know who that one is.

I like Robin putting on the Batman suit but I don't think anyone would believe that that's the real Batman because he's just a kid. One of my favorite parts was when Croc ate Damien's girlfriend and Damien got scared when he was alone with all the bad guys. I can’t believe that Croc just ate the girl like that. I also thought the part when Alfred beat Dick with the bo staff was pretty cool. Alfred probably learned a lot of fighting skills from Batman and I think it’s neat to see him using them to help train with the others. I still think Dick is going to end up being Batman even though he says he doesn't want to. He's the toughest and has been around the longest.

I wish there was a bit more fighting in the book. The good guys were running away a lot instead of beating up the bad guys. I want to see all the good guys team up against all the bad guys soon. And I saw a picture where there were a few other people dressed in different Batman costumes so I hope Nightwing is going to be one of them and he’ll get to be the real one unless the real Batman is going to come back.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10


Steve said...

Yeah, Robin's motorcycle was really cool.

Frances said...

It would probably be cool to see the Batmobile chasing people wearing Joker and Riddler costumes at BuyCostumes like a classic hero-villain chase.

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