Monday, March 2, 2009

Amazing Spider-Man #587

Amazing Spider-Man #587
Written by Marc Guggenheim and illustrated by John Romita Jr
Published by Marvel Comics

In this comic Spider-Man is still arrested and his lawyer is the guy who is really Daredevil. Spider-Man wants to get out of jail and the lawyer is going to help him. Even though he could just use his powers and break out of jail on his own the lawyer tells him not to because then all the police in the city would be going after him. The other part of the story is that the girl Carlie is finding out that Peter Parker’s roommate, the cop Vin has been keeping spider-tracers and putting them on bodies so that Spider-Man gets blamed for it. She says that she wants to help them because Spider-Man deserves to be blamed for it and should go to jail but she’s lying and really tells on the other cops.

I like when Spider-Man was in his cell and the guard was talking to him about how Spider-Man saved his family a few years ago and he really hopes that Spider-Man gets out of jail because he’s a hero. He also brought him a new costume for the lawyer because the one he was wearing was all bloody and torn up. I don’t know if he changed his mask though because then everyone who was in the prison would see him change.

I like when Vin got arrested and he was getting mad at his partner because he was set up with Carlie. I thought it was weird how he was arrested as a police officer but it was good for the story. I hope the other guy gets in trouble for what he did. When Spider-Man saw that Vin was arrested he got worried because all the bad guys in jail were going to go after Vin and he wasn’t going to be able to protect him. I really like the part where Spider-Man is talking to the lawyer and the words were really tiny. It’s impossible that someone could write that small. I could hardly read it. I read maybe a couple of words and then my eyes were hurting so my dad had to read the rest. I can’t believe they did that so small.

I like how the lawyer gave Spider-Man his web shooters and Spider-Man used them to pull the harness off of his head. I think it was cool how he made the web go around his neck to his feet so he could use his muscles to break the lock on his neck. I laughed when he said he hopes he doesn’t accidentally hang himself. Once Spider-Man was free he went to where all the prisoners were beating on Vin and said, ‘Hey sailors’ and then asked if they wanted to go play Parcheesi. I like Parcheesi but that was a lame joke and it’s funny when Spider-Man tells really lame jokes like that when everyone else is so serious.

One of my favorite parts was how Iron Fist was climbing around in the Spider-Man costume in court. I thought it was strange that they picked Iron Fist instead of another hero and I don’t know why that would help him in court but I like that they did something different. I also really liked when Lily was smiling and they showed half of her face as Menace. The artist did a good job of that and made her look really creepy. The other great drawing was when the artist drew Spider-Man in the court room jumping all over the place when it was really Iron Fist. I like the way this guy draws Spider-Man a lot. The only thing that would have made this book better would be if Spider-Man was in more action. He’s been in jail for too long.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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