Friday, March 27, 2009

Amazing Spider-Man #589

Amazing Spider-Man #589
Written by Fred Van Lente and illustrated by Paulo Siqueira
Published by Marvel Comics

In this issue Spider-Man fights the Spot, a bad guy who is going after gangsters and killing them because they hurt his son and put him in the hospital. Spider-Man doesn’t want anyone to get killed so he fights the Spot so the gangsters don’t get killed.

In the beginning of the book Peter Parker missed his train and he goes to visit his Aunt May. There’s a guy in a Ghostbusters shirt there. A bunch of gangsters want to do nice things for Aunt May because they don’t want her telling everyone that they’re bad guys and stuff. The bad guys go on a boat to start planning things and they buy all these guns that are really, really powerful.

The Spot shows up on the boat and starts coming out of his spotty dimension and starts attacking the gangsters. His hand pop out of one of the holes with a knife and he stabs one of the gangsters in the chest. Then Spot’s top half comes out of another hold and he strangles one of the other gangsters. Spider-Man is trying to take pictures of the gangsters and when he sees the Spot start killing the gangsters he goes to fight Spot. Spider-Man saves the leader of the gangsters and Spot goes after him and keeps punching and kicking him from all these little spots that keep popping up.

I really like the fight between Spider-Man and the Spot. I like how the Spot used his powers to pop up all over the place and have just a leg come out to kick or an arm come out to punch or stab someone. The best part was when Spider-Man ended up punching himself in the face when he hit Spot. I also liked the ending with the way the guy is all crazy.

Spot pulls Spider-Man into his dimension and they start fighting and Spider-Man says he’s going to be sick. When they come back out Spider-Man punches Spot in the chest but his fist comes out of the other side of Spot’s head and Spider-Man ends up punching himself. Then the Spot throws a spot in the middle of the air and then he throws the gangster though it. The Spot made the guy transport very far away to another city but Spider-Man is able to save him by webbing him up.

Spider-Man wants to know why Spot is killing people because he never did that before. Spot writes a note that is supposed to say all about how his family got hurt because of the gangsters and that’s why he wants to kill them but his note is just full of all these different kinds of spots and no words. The Spot gets away and Spider-Man sort of figures out what’s going on so he grabs one of the other gangsters and scares him by threatens him by talking all scary and stuff.

I thought it was a really good comic. I wish there was more fighting with the Spot because he doesn’t show up until the middle of the book. I like the Spot a lot and think he has very cool powers. I hope he is back in the comic again because I like how he uses his powers and the way he and Spider-Man fight. There were a lot of funny parts in the comic, too with the guy who was wearing the Ghostbusters shirt and the way Spider-Man kept talking about how Batman’s voice is in the movies and how talking like that would hurt his throat. I like the way the art was done, too. I think that the Spot looked really cool and I like the way he drew the fights with different spots all over the place. And I like how he drew the last page with the gangster going crazy worrying about being attacked all the time.

My Rating: 9 out of 10


Steve Sloan said...

That wasn't just a guy in a Ghostbusters shirt. He's the spitting image of Egon from the Real Ghostbusters cartoon. Cartoon Ray and Winston look-alikes are in the background on the left side of the pillar, and I think we're seeing Peter's back in the foreground on the right. It must have been an intentional easter egg.

Liam said...

That's really cool!

SK said...

Just found your blog! That's a nice Spider-man review. :) Haven't read the issue yet but might check it out.

Liam said...

It was a very good issue. Spot is a cool bad guy. You'll like it.

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