Tuesday, February 3, 2009

NY Comic Con Saturday: Meet 'The Kid'

I’ll be spending time at two different places this Saturday at the New York Comic Con.

Del Rey Booth


Tommy Lee Edwards and the Blvd Boys in Artists Alley


Anyone who likes reading my reviews can come over and say hello. I think it will be cool to meet people who read my reviews and like them.

I’m also going to be drawing pictures to sell at both places. I can try to draw whatever anybody wants but my 3 best are drawings of Spider-Man, Batman and Crazy Bunny (a character I created). Drawings will cost 3 dollars each.

And if you are a creator who wants to come and say hello that would be cool, too. I want to try and do some interviews while I'm there.

See you at the con!


Darth Duff said...

Liam, please put me on the list for a crazy bunny sketch.

A said...

Have a great con, Liam! Should be lots of fun. It's not everyday someone gets to hang out with talented individuals like Tommy Lee Edwards and John Paul Leon!

Liam said...

The con was a lot of fun. I liked hanging out and drawing at Tommy's booth. He's a very nice guy. And I had a lot of fun doing sketches at the Del Rey booth too. A lot of people said hi and that they liked the reviews and got sketches.

JB inks said...

Oh man. I wasn't planning on going, but I made it there on the last day. I wish I had remembered you'd be there.

Did you sell a lot of Crazy Bunnies?

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