Monday, February 9, 2009

Blog of the Week

Blog of the Week!

I found out today that my reviews were named as the site of the week by the Funny Book Fanatic site. I think it's really cool that so many people read my reviews and especially that my review site was picked as the best for the week. That was good news.

I went to the New York Comic Convention on Saturday with my dad, brother, pop pop and uncle and it was great. I got to sit at the Del Rey booth and Tommy Lee Edwards and do a lot of sketches for people and even made some money. There were a lot of people who told me that they read my reviews on the computer.

I also bought a lot of cool toys, books and art and took a lot of fun pictures. I even got a cool wooden sword that's awesome. I'm going to write more about that and put pictures up later. My favorite part of the Comic Convention was interviewing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott. He was soooo funny! I asked him a lot of questions and he answered all of them and made me laugh a lot. I'm going to have the interview up on the website in a few days, too.

It was a great Convention and finding out that I was the blog of the week is really cool.


Dingo said...

I can't wait to see your Dan Slott interview. I think he is really funny too.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Blog of the Week, Liam. That's fantastic. Glad you enjoyed the comic convention and it's every writer's dream to sign at a booth and meet fans. And you're only 7! I'm looking forward to reading about your meeting with Dan Slott soon. Love you,
Gramma Sally

Ed Sizemore said...

Congratulations, you deserve it. I'm looking forward to convention pictures and report.

Liam said...

Thanks! It was pretty cool to be called best blog of the week. I'm glad a lot of people like the reviews.

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