Monday, February 16, 2009

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #48

Marvel Adventures: Spider-Man #48
Written by Todd Dezago and illustrated by Jonboy Meyers
Published by Marvel Comics

This book is about Spider-Man having to fight Scorpion and Electro at the same time.
Scorpion tried to rob a truck full of money and Spider-Man stopped him. I thought it was funny that when they did the pictures of how Scorpion got his powers one of guys who helped with his powers looked like Albert Einstein. It’s weird how they made that happen. Scorpion nails Spider-Man in the face with his tail and Spider-Man crashes into a pole. Then Spider-Man rips a sign down from the street and nails him in the gut. The driver of the truck is drowning because his truck is filled with all this water from the street hydrant and Spider-Man has to save him so the Scorpion gets away.

Later Spider-Man is swinging around on patrol and sees that Electro is in a museum trying to steal some expensive jewels. Spider-Man breaks in to stop Electro and they fight in the museum. Electro zaps Spider-Man a few times with his powers and gets away.

The next day Peter Parker is very mad because he got both pictures of Electro and Scorpion on the front page and thought he was going to get double the money but his boss was really cheap and said it only counts as one picture. That wasn’t fair but Peter doesn’t do anything but get upset and leaves.

Then every time Spider-Man is swinging around on patrol Electro and Scorpion keep attacking him. He’s not catching a break and he starts getting afraid to go out because he knows he’s going to get attacked by all the bad guys. Spider-Man sees that a building is on fire and swings up to rescue a kid. The little boy asks Spider-Man which bad guy is stronger and tells Spider-Man that when his older brothers pound on him he gets them to fight each other by getting them to see who is stronger. Spider-Man thinks it’s a great idea and makes Scorpion and Electro come into a trap. He gets them to battle each other over who can beat Spider-Man better and the bad guys just fight each other until they’re tired and take each other out and Spider-Man wins.

I really like how Scorpion and Electro ended up fighting each other because you don’t always get to see bad guys fighting each other. I like how Spider-Man got that kid’s idea and used it to beat both bad guys. I also really liked when Spider-Man ripped the sign off the street and nailed Scorpion in the gut. It was cool to see him using his strength powers in a street fight.

It was weird that the cover looked nothing like the art that was in the book. The cover was a more real Spider-Man and the stuff inside was more like a cartoon. The art in the book was good, too. I liked the picture of the building that was on fire and how they showed the tower falling into the building and tearing the windows and sides of the building down. I like the details on those pictures. It was a good book with Spider-Man getting to fight some bad guys that are really popular but that he doesn’t get to battle a lot in other comics.

My Rating: 9 out of 10


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