Monday, August 3, 2009

Hulk #600

Hulk #600
Written by Jeph Loeb, Stan Lee and Fred Van Lente and illustrated by Ed McGuinness, Rodney Buchemi, Michael Ryan, Salva Espin and Tim Sale
Published by Marvel Comics

Hulk is still one of the most fun comics I read. I think it’s great that they came up with another Hulk who is even tougher and meaner than the green Hulk and I like that there is a mystery on who he really is. I really thought that Red Hulk was going to be Samson but now I’m not even sure who he could be. Maybe the General who really hates the Hulk but he doesn’t have a mustache. Hulk with a mustache would be hilarious.

I like that Spider-Man was in this. Back when all the different Marvel characters were showing up in the book like Iron Man and Thor I asked Jeph Loeb if Rulk would ever fight Spider-Man and it was cool to see it finally happen. It’s funny that even Rulk is annoyed by Spider-Man’s dumb jokes. Spider-Man looks so small compared to Rulk but I’m glad that he didn’t get beaten real easy like all the other people who tried to fight him. This issue was good because it showed a lot of clues on who Rulk might be and I like how the reporter is trying to figure out the truth by investigating everything. It was strange that She-Hulk was so scared of Rulk but that’s probably because he’s so tough that even she is worried about what would happen if he came after her.

I thought that the big fight between Green and Red Hulk was really good. They’ve been battling in a couple of different comics and this really seemed like it could be the last battle and I liked the way Red Hulk came up with the win. It was an interesting way to do it instead of just beating on each other until one got knocked out.

I didn’t like the other stories in the comic as much as I did the Spider-Man big book. I don’t really like She-Hulk but I did like the way the Hulk looked in the last part of the comic with the Gray Hulk story. That was pretty good and I want to find the other issues of that story. I liked the short story that had Red Hulk and Green Hulk fighting too and the huge guy who shows up to stop them but can’t tell which one is the good Hulk because he is color blind. I think it was a cool idea that they showed all of the Hulk comic covers ever made, too. I wish they did that with Spider-Man.

My Rating: 8 out of 10 (Main story: 9 out of 10)

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not a big fan of Hulk. #600 was just ok.

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