Monday, August 3, 2009

Flight Volume #6

Flight: Volume 6
Written and Illustrated by Various
Published by Villard

I really like reading the Flight books because they have a lot of short stories by different writers and artists all in one big book. Most of the stories are really good and they’re all different from each other. Some of the stories can be funny or scary. Some stories have a lot of action in them and some are just crazy. Not all of the stories in Flight are good. There are some that I think are pretty boring or the art doesn’t look that great but mostly everything is really good. My favorite Flight book is Flight: Explorer. That had the best stories in it, I think. Pretty much all of them were really good.

I got to read the new Flight book, Volume Six, ahead of time which is pretty cool and this is another really good collection. I like getting the advance copies of books before everyone else. After the San Diego Comic Convention I’ll be able to review a book called The Complete Vader which is totally awesome but it isn’t a comic book. And we were able to get a very advance copy called an advance galley of a new Star Wars book called Death Troopers which doesn’t come out till October. But there is going to be a lot of cool Death Troopers and Star Wars and Flight stuff at the Comic Con so people should go check it out. I’m just going to review a few of my favorite stories from this book but there were only maybe one or two bad ones that I didn’t like.

The Excitingly Mundane Life of Kenneth Shuri is tied for my favorite story. It’s about a guy who wants to get a job as a ninja. Actually he already is a ninja but he can’t find a job and he’s really depressed that he has no money and has to take on different jobs that he doesn’t like. The best part of the story is when Ken the ninja has to take on a ton of other ninja warriors for a job. It’s a huge battle in the office building with a lot of action and crazy death scenes. The story looks more like a cartoon than some of the other realistic type of comic book art but that style makes it better. If it was drawn realistic it would probably look way too bloody. It is a funny story though and I liked how the writer ends this one.

Epitaph by Phil Craven was the shortest story in the book. I liked how it seemed like the story was taking place in outer space or something and the characters find a dead body. I thought for sure that it was going to end up being some monster story with the space guys getting chased around the whole time but it was a lot simpler than that. I liked what the guys did with the body near the end of the story, too.

Kidnapped by Rad Sechrist was probably my favorite story. One Samurai warrior’s girlfriend or wife was kidnapped and he’s fighting another warrior to save her. There is a lot of good action in the book and the art is really nice. It takes place in the woods in the winter time so there is a lot of snows and trees around them as they’re fighting. Both of the warriors are really tough and they keep fighting even with arrows shot into them and stuff. My favorite part of the story was the ending because it’s a trick ending. For a minute I thought that one warrior won but it was really just a fake out. Once I figured out what really happened it made the story even better.

The Zs and the Attack of the Early Birds by Richard Pose is more of a story for kids. A little boy is going to go fishing with his dad and has to go to bed early so he isn’t tired. Even the teddy bear tells him to go to sleep but the little boy says he wants to go look for worms instead and goes off on an adventure with the teddy bear following him. There are cool parts with the little boy getting attacked by the early bird for stealing the bird’s worms and then the army of the Zs goes after the boy and the bear. They all want him to sleep and he just wants to get away. I think the early bird was really funny. He just shouts and yells at the boy for everything he does. He’s such an angry bird. It’s a good story that is a lot of fun because of how the boy doesn’t like going to bed and the sleep monsters try and attack him to make him sleep.

There are a lot of other stories in this book that I liked like Fish N Chips and Jellaby and those two were in other Flight books, as well. These were my four favorite, though. I like reading super hero comics like Spider-Man and Deadpool but sometimes it’s fun to read a bunch of different shorter stories like they have in Flight.

My Rating: 9 out of 10


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Awesome! I'm glad you liked my story.

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