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The Free Comic Book Day 2009 Recap

Free Comic Book Day 2009 Recap

Free Comic Book Day is great because you can go to the comic book store and there are tables full of all these different comic books from different companies and you can get whatever you want for free. They do it once a year on Saturday usually after a movie about comic books opens like Wolverine did this week. We went to the same comic book store that we always go to but this time they had some extra tables out to hold all the free comics and it was a lot busier than it is at other times. The other cool thing is that there were guys from the 501st who dress in Star Wars costumes like Stormtroopers and Stormtrooper pilots. Their costumes are really well made and me and my brothers took some pictures with them.

I probably picked up about 10 different free comics but there were a lot more than that. I just got the ones that looked the most interesting. Some of them were a little boring and some of them were really good. I think they do Free Comic Day to thank people for reading comics and spending money and to get other people to try comics. I’m not going to do long reviews but I am going to pick the 5 best free comics that came out. These are the comics that I think would be good for people my age or who don’t usually read comics.

Atomic Robo
Red 5 Comics

The Atomic Robo book was very good and had three different short stories. The Atomic Robo short story was the best one. Robo is on an island fighting a dinosaur who has a machine gun and is trying to kill him. I read the regular Atomic Robo books and like them a lot. Robo is a robot who works with the army to fight bad guys and this one was a little bit different because he’s fighting an evil dinosaur but I like the things were a little different. The second story in the comic was about a whole army of robots. It has nothing to do with Atomic Robo but it looked okay. I thought the last story was pretty good, too. It’s about two brothers who kill monsters and I liked the battle they had with the huge monster in this issue. I think that this comic had 3 pretty good stories that show a lot of different comics that the company puts out. I think a lot of people who don’t read comics would find good things to like about these characters and stories.

Owly and Friends
Top Shelf Productions

I read some Owly comics that I bought at the New York Comic Con and thought they were okay but I usually like comics with words in them. When the comics don’t have words I think they make it a little too much for kids. Owly is drawn very cute but his stories are over very fast because there aren’t words. There are 5 short stories in this comic and they’re all pretty good, too. My favorite one was Johnny Boo. There were two Johnny Boo stories and I think it was cool that the writer let his kid write part of his story. You could tell which parts his kid wrote and drew and that was neat. The other stories were interesting, too but I’m definitely going to try and get more Johnny Boo comics. There were two of those stories and I liked both of them. I think that this is a good comic for people who don’t usually read comics because there are a lot of different stories that kids will like and the grown ups won’t be mad about.

The Avengers
Marvel Comics

This comic was different from all of the others because it was just one full story. I liked it because it is just like the regular Avengers comics that I’m reading with the team the way it is now and how they’re battle Osborn’s evil Avengers. I think that other people that don’t read comics will be able to figure everything out because Spider-Man explains it in the story. At first I was kind of annoyed because Spider-Man was talking a lot and saying things that everyone already knows like that Iron Patriot is Norman Osborn and the other Spider-Man is really Venom but he only did that because people would be reading the book that don’t know that stuff already. The story was pretty exciting and it was about both Avengers teams getting ready to fight over some creatures that were powerful enough to hurt Thor. The Avengers teams are able to beat the creature and then they want to go after each other but Thor warns Osborn that if he doesn’t leave he’s going to go after him. I was disappointed that the Avengers teams keep meeting but they never really fight but I guess they’re saving it for the regular book later.

Bongo Comics Free For All
Bongo Comics

The Bongo Comics book had a lot of different short stories. The main story was about the Simpsons and Bart and Milhouse getting free comic books with their Krusty burger meals. I like how part of the comic was a pretend Krusty comic and Bart was mad because the story was so dumb and was just about different types of food like fries and hamburgers battling. There was a pretend coupon for a free Krusty burger or soda, too but you have to buy a huge order to get the free stuff. I didn’t really like the Futurama story because I don’t watch the show but the other Simpsons story was good, too. It had Homer and Bart as superheroes and they get zapped by a raw which turns Homer young and Bart old. I think that anyone who watches the Simpsons television show will like the comic because it’s just as funny. And people who like Futurama will probably like that comic, too if it’s like how they make the Simpsons.

Green Lantern: Blackest Night
DC Comics

A lot of people know who Green Lantern is but I bet most of them don’t know that there are all these other teams of different colored lanterns so I think it was a good idea to talk about that in this comic book. The first story is about Green Lantern and Flash talking about how all their friends have died and they hope they come back, especially Batman. Flash and Green Lantern both died and came back to life and they think that their friends will be able to come back too. And then the story shows the head of the Black Lanterns digging through the graveyard and he says the Black Lantern oath about how he is going to make his team of evil Lanterns out of dead heroes. If Batman becomes a zombie Black Lantern that’s going to be big trouble because he’s pretty tough without powers. If he had a ring I don’t think anyone can stop him. I think it’s an easy comic for people to read because they show every different colored Lantern team at the end with all the members and their powers and weaknesses. It’s easy to figure out what’s going on and I liked the page with all of the superhero hands coming out of the ground to become Black Lanterns. That’s going to be a great story.


"Rodimus" Ben Lundy said...

I am not a normal reader of Green Lantern but this made me want to read it.

Liam said...

Green Lantern is one of the best comics right now and the zombie lanterns fighting all the other colored lanterns is going to be awesome.

Hello Internet said...

Hey Liam. I've been reading comics for almost 30 years, and vlogging about them, and I've just stumbled onto your site. Great reviews man! I love it and I will be returning regularly.

To Liam's Dad, this is the coolest idea ever! Nice work.

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