Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Deadpool #10

Deadpool #10
Written by Daniel Way and illustrated by Paco Medina
Published by Marvel Comics

This issue had a really great cover with Bullseye in his Hawkeye costume ready to shoot an arrow at Deadpool who is attacking him with a knife and a gun. I really like the way it was drawn and it got me excited about the comic. Deadpool is one of the best comics and I liked the Hawkeye book too so putting them together to fight is a good idea.

In this issue Norman Osborn is really mad because Deadpool stole his credit card in the other story because he didn’t get any money for the information about the Skrull Queen. Osborn tells all of his bad Avengers that he wants to take him out and sends Hawkeye to go kill him. I don’t know how the story is going to end but Deadpool is probably going to win. And even though I like Deadpool and don’t think they’ll let him get killed in the story I thought it was kind of weird that Osborn only sent Hawkeye after him. He has Wolverine’s son and the Venom Spider-Man on his team, too and those guys are really powerful. If he really wanted to kill Deadpool he should have sent more than one guy after him.

Deadpool breaks into some guy’s house and orders pizza and then eats all the pizza and then says that he was hired to kill the guy who delivers the pizza. The strange thing is that Deadpool says he only got 500 dollars to go after the pizza guy. I can’t believe he would go after someone for that kind of money. It doesn’t seem like a lot. The guy who owns the house was scared that he was going to get killed and promised to give Deadpool all his stuff if he let him live. One part was really funny when Deadpool was yelling at the guy he was robbing for not folding the seats of his car down and making things easy for him. His feelings were hurt that the innocent guy didn’t help Deadpool rob him quicker. When Deadpool gets back to the house the guy is dead and there is an arrow in him and Deadpool thinks the guy killed himself with an arrow but it’s really Hawkeye who tracked him down.

I like the fight between Hawkeye and Deadpool. It took a long time to get to their fight but it was the best part of the book. They’re both really tough and are very good with weapons and fighting so it was a pretty even match. I thought it was really funny when Deadpool shot his gun a bunch of times and then asked Hawkeye if he was dead yet. They have a really cool fight between a door and each of them are taking turns punching through the door. I like how the artist drew those pages because it’s funny when you look at them how they’re punching each other through the door and then Deadpool drops the grenade on the other side of the door where Hawkeye is standing. There are a bunch of pages in the book that have a lot of good art like the page with the bad Avengers and I like all of the poses that he draws Deadpool in. And when they’re fighting Deadpool is saying a lot of stupid stuff again because he’s nuts and it’s making Hawkeye angrier at him. I think the ending was funny, too. You can’t really take the comic seriously because Deadpool’s powers make it so he can’t die so even when he gets hurt it’s like a big joke.

I think that the next issue is going to have a longer fight with Hawkeye and Deadpool so it’ll probably be better but I thought this issue was very good, too. I liked all of the art and there were a bunch of funny parts in with Deadpool doing dumb stuff that made me laugh and the action was good. I just wish they got to the fight sooner.

My Rating: 9 out of 10


Adam DW said...

Osbourne has "bad" Avengers? That's hilarious!

I also really like the idea behind this blog. Really creative.

Liam said...

I'm glad you like the blog.

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