Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Amazing Spider-Man #594

Amazing Spider-Man #594
Written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Barry Kitson and Mike McKone
Published by Marvel Comics

This issue finally has the big fight between Spider-Man and the new Vulture. I like how Peter decided to start being Spider-Man all day just to get Jameson mad. It’s been really funny how he tried to make a truce with Jameson after he became mayor and Jameson has this team of police out looking to take Spider-Man to jail or kill him. The new Vulture looks a lot tougher than the old man one, too but he hasn’t really done much in the story so far so this was the part of the story I really wanted to read.

Spider-Man and the Vulture started fighting in the last issue and when Spider-Man ripped off the Vulture’s mask he spit acid on Spider-Man’s face. The acid burned through his mask and made Spider-Man go blind. In the beginning of this comic they’re still fighting. Spider-Man’s mask is ruined and his eyes are drawn all weird because they’ve been burned. I like how the artist makes the costume look damaged with the eye piece broken and cracked and parts of his shirt ripped. I didn’t think that being blind would matter to Spider-Man because he has his spider sense that warns him about problems and I was right because when the Vulture tried to finish him off he used his spider sense to dodge his attacks and fight back. Spider-Man still had problems figuring out where things were and wasn’t really able to attack the Vulture but he did use his spider sense to keep from getting being up or killed.

What I didn’t like about the issue is that I think they wasted time in the prison. Spider-Man goes to visit the old Vulture to find out if he’s working with the new guy and the old man doesn’t really tell him anything important. I thought it was weird when Peter went back to his apartment and ran into his roommate’s sister. She is supposed to be taking care of the place and tells Peter that she’s been helping for a long time but he was away with the Fantastic Four so he didn’t know what was going on. The whole time they were talking he wasn’t wearing any clothes because he took off his wrecked costume and he didn’t really seem to care. The only other thing I didn’t like is that they keep spending a lot of time with Aunt May and Jameson’s dad. Now it looks like they’re getting married. I think it’s funny that Peter and Jameson will be related but they spend too much time on the boring characters like May and her boyfriend and people like that. I wish there would have been more going on with the Vulture or Jameson’s attack team.

The end battle was really good. I like how Spider-Man and the Vulture had a big battle in the baseball stadium and everyone started getting mad at Spider-Man even though he’s the hero. I think that a lot of the regular people in the comic are kind of dumb because they’re calling Spider-Man names and blaming him for things when it was really the Vulture’s fault. The best part was the move Spider-Man made at the end to finally stop the Vulture. I know he’s really strong but I was surprised that he did that move but I think it was because he got so mad at seeing Osborn at the game that he didn’t realize how much strength he was using.

I liked the art in the book a lot. Spider-Man and the Vulture were drawn really well. The new Vulture looks really scary and nothing like the old guy. Even the regular people are drawn well and all of the stuff around them like buildings and the baseball stadium looked good, too. The cover was good, too. I liked the giant mattress that Spider-Man was swinging over. There was a lot of action and the fight with Vulture was really good. I think he’s a pretty tough bad guy but Spider-Man was able to beat him easy in the end. I just hope there is less of Aunt May and Jameson in the next issue.

My Rating: 8.5 out of 10
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