Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Flight Explorer Volume 1

Flight Explorer Volume 1
Written and Illustrated by Various
Published by Villard

Flight is a big comic filled with a lot of different short stories about a lot of characters. A lot of them are funny and some of them are kind of strange and there are some action stories. I liked most of the book but I’m picking my three favorite stories to review from the book because there’s too much stuff to review the whole thing.

Big Mouth (by Phil Kraven) is my favorite story in this collection. It’s basically about a silly looking creature who talks really loud and even though he’s friendly he annoys people because he talks so loud and has a big mouth. I like when Big Mouth was shouting everything, especially when he was saying ‘Hello’ and ‘What’ when he met a little creature. He sat down on a bench next to someone to watch ducks in a park and just really annoyed the other person because he took up so much space. My favorite part was when everyone was playing basketball and Big Mouth tried to pass the ball but hit someone in the eye with it and the guy got really angry. The other people were really annoyed by Big Mouth and said they were going to go somewhere else to play away from him.

Then there was another guy who was picking on a little guy from the beginning of the story and saying that he couldn’t hear him. Big Mouth came over because he felt bad for the little guy and told the bully to ‘leave him alone’. The little guy was very happy and offered to buy Big Mouth a frozen treat. He shared the treat with Big Mouth but Big Mouth swallowed the whole thing by accident so he gave the little guy his treat in trade.

Snow Cat (by Matthew Armstrong) is the next story. This story is about a monster and a girl who are friends. They start off hugging each other and when they do that a little heart is drawn next to them. I thought it was funny when the girl gave the monster a little kiss and then he gave her a big lick and accidentally ate her. Her legs were sticking out of his mouth and kicking him and so he spit her out. She smacked him after she got spit out and the monster got very sad. He tried to lick her again when they became friends but she held his mouth closed so he couldn’t eat her this time.

I thought it was interesting because there are no words in this story so everything is told by pictures. The drawings are very good. I like how the monster is drawn and how he looks so scared when the girl gets mad at him.

Fish and Chips (Steve Hamaker) is about a fish who is stuck in a fish bowl and the fish bowl gets attached to a robot body so he can walk around and stuff. The fish is mad because his partner is a very lazy cat who just sleeps through everything. The fish sees a red alert sign go off because a big asteroid is going to hit the Earth and they have to stop it. Because the cat is asleep the fish has to do everything by himself. He keeps trying to wake up the cat but he’s not waking up. So he goes into space by himself and leaves the robot body on the asteroid. The body throws the fish bowl head back to Earth and the body becomes a bomb and blows up.

After everything happens the news thanks the cat and fish for all their help and the cat wakes up and says, ‘all in a days work’ and then goes back to bed. He didn’t even do anything but he takes the credit for it. I like this story but wish it was a little longer.

Big Mouth was my favorite story because it was the funniest and I liked the way it was drawn and how the character just keeps getting people angry because he talks so loud.
I like that there were a lot of different stories in the book about so many different types of things. I didn’t like all of the stories, but I liked most of them. I think it’s cool that there were a bunch of different stories in the book that could be read.

My Rating: 10 out of 10


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Tim_H here again, commenting under the proper service. Interesting choice for something to review. I've never heard of it. However, you might find it interesting that back in the 30's that's how comics were often printed outside of newspapers. There were small books of sunday funnies style comics that were used for marketing purposes until someone realized that they could sell them!

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I was just browsing the Comic Blog Elite and noticed that you're in the top 30 now. Congratulations!

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