Saturday, November 8, 2008

Amazing Spider-Man #575

Amazing Spider-Man #575
Written by Joe Kelly and illustrated by Chris Bachalo
Published by Marvel Comics

The Spider-Man story with the Goblins and Venoms lasted a long time and now this issue had a new story with a different bad guy in it. I like Anti-Venom, Venom, Menace and Green Goblin but this issue was really good, too.

The story starts with Spider-Man rescuing the girl hobo from a bunch of people dressed like clowns and there is a robot rat. I don’t know what the rat had to do with anything but it was pretty fun. I like how Spider-Man was teasing the hobo and wondering what she ate because she smelled so bad. At the end she kissed Spider-Man for saving her and he threw up inside his mask which was gross and funny.

I like when all the gangsters were meeting and they try to attack Hammerhead but he is so strong that they just end up getting their butts kicked.

I like when Peter Parker was talking to the little kid about being a genius but then the kid’s older brother took him away. The older kid is a gangster and Peter is trying to talk to him but ends up getting into a fight instead. He changes into Spider-Man and follows them back to their house and uses his webs to pull the gangster out of the house. I thought it was a funny part because Spider-Man is trying to tell the gangster that he’s doing the wrong thing and he shouldn’t be in gangs but accidentally calls the kid a skunk and they both laugh about it.

When Spider-Man goes back to the house he finds out that Hammerhead has beaten up the other gangsters really bad and is ready to attack the little brother. The fight between Spider-Man and Hammerhead is awesome. They’re fighting each other really hard. Spider-Man hits Hammerhead so hard that he breaks his hand because Hammerhead has a metal skeleton underneath his skin. Then Hammerhead breaks his foot and keeps smashing Spider-Man into different parts of the house. In the end Hammerhead head butts Spider-Man really hard and pretty much knocks him out. Spider-Man is all bloody and can’t talk anymore. He just mumbles.

Hammerhead is really tough in this comic. He looks like a regular human except for his big head and he doesn’t wear a costume or anything but he is super strong and can’t be hurt because of the metal under his skin.

One thing that I really liked was the art in the book. There is a lot of detail in the drawings. On one page they’re all in the kitchen and there is stuff on the table like guns and knives and you can see stuff on the shelves and the floor. There’s a lot of little stuff in the pictures. And in the fight with Spider-Man and Hammerhead there is broken glass and furniture that is shown and there is blood all over Hammerhead from the people that he’s beaten up.

I like how the characters are drawn, too. I like how he draws Spider-Man with a bigger head and bigger eyes than other artists. I’ve seen Spider-Man drawn a lot of different ways but this way looked really different and cool. He drew the hobo lady cool and gross, too, with all of her teeth missing and she looked really crazy.

I’m sure Spider-Man is going to win and the next comic shows him punching Hammerhead in the face real hard, but it was still a very good issue. Hammerhead is a pretty interesting bad guy.

My Rating: 9 out of 10

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I liked this article a lot. It gives a great summary of the comic book's exciting parts, and it shows that some people still pay attention to the drawing details in comics.

Thanks for publishing this review!

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