Sunday, November 16, 2008

Amazing Spider-Man #576

The Amazing Spider-Man #576
Written by Joe Kelly and Illustrated by Chris Bachalo
Published by Marvel Comics

I like how this cover had Spider-Man punching Hammerhead in the face and the other cover before had Hammerhead punching Spider-Man.

I like how everyone was shooting at Hammerhead but he couldn’t get hurt because of all the steel under his skin. It was cool how Spider-Man figured out how to escape by breaking open the floor with his fists and he fell down to the next floor and there was glass everywhere. I like when Spider-Man smashed through the window with the gangster that he was trying to save in the other comic. He’s always jumping through the window with the same kid trying to make him good. I thought it was cool how Hammerhead was firing his gun at him and had the blood and broken glass all over him.

It was pretty cool when Spider-Man bashed his face against the wall to fix his jaw and then webbed his mask shut because he was going to pass out. This way no one could take off his mask when he was asleep. I also like the part where they showed half of Hammerhead’s face with the metal skeleton.

It was neat how Peter Parker had to lie to his roommate about how his face was all beat up because he didn’t want him to figure out that he was Spider-Man. I thought it was funny that he told Vin that he got his bruises because a remote control fell on his face.

I didn’t so much like the part where Peter and the girl were walking around. I don’t think she’s that interesting. I did like that Peter had to get away and find a way to tell her why he was going to change into Spider-Man.

A really cool part was when Spider-Man found out where all the gangsters were and they reshuffled their guns and said they were going to shoot him. The gangsters aren’t sure what to do. Hammerhead is trying to get them to join him and kill Spider-Man. If the gangsters listen to him they get to live. If the gangsters don’t kill Spider-Man then Hammerhead will kill them. I really liked the part where Hammerhead shows up and Spider-Man makes a web wall in front of him. And when Hammerhead breaks the web wall it was really funny when Spider-Man was like, ‘oh poop’.

There were a lot of funny parts in the book. The other really funny part is when Spider-Man snuck up behind Hammerhead and was wondering whether he should be honest or do sneak attack and a little devil and angel Spider-Man both told him to be sneaky.
I also like how at the end Spider-Man broke one of Hammerhead’s hips to stop him and warned him that he would break the other hip if he ever tried to bother the kids again.

I did like the part where the girl said she’d bet ten dollars about going on a date and Peter was all nervous about going on a date. I like how he still had all of the bruises and stuff even at work and then when he was going out with that girl a couple days later they were gone. And I like how Mr Negative is drawn how he’s all black and stuff. I also like the girl repairing Hammerhead.

The art was great again, too. One of my favorite pictures was when it showed Spider-Man jumping all around Hammerhead doing his webs and stuff. The little devil and angel Spider-Man drawings were good, too. I liked how there was a lot of detail in the picture where Spider-Man webs Hammerheads legs and he falls on his face. There are broken teeth and glass all over the place. You can see all of the little things all around the pictures. The other picture I liked a lot was when Spider-Man broke out of the window with the gangster. It was a cool pose and looked really good.

This was one of my top favorites of the books I’ve been reading since doing these reviews.

My Rating: 10 out of 10


Sime said...

I totally agree with you, this was one of my favorite issues of Amazing Spider-man in a loooong loooong time. Bachalo's art is stunning.

Tim H said...

I like the review. Have you read any of the Marvel Adventures series? I especially like the Iron Man one. Also, if you like Star Wars, the comics are pretty fantastic, although sometimes there can be issues. I talk about them on my blog, if you'll allow me to link to it -

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