Friday, November 20, 2009

Batman and Robin #6

Batman and Robin #6
Written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Philip Tan
Published by DC Comics

Liam: Batman and Robin is one of the best comic books to read. The new Batman and Robin are really cool and even though they aren’t fighting any bad guys that I know the fight parts are great

Ethan: Nightwing is Batman now and Bruce Wayne’s son Damien is Robin. Nightwing is one of my favorite characters and I like the job he’s doing as Batman.

Liam: Batman and Robin have to take care of a bunch of different bad guys. There’s Jason who used to be one of the Robins but turned bad and calls himself Red Hood. And he has a partner who was the girl in the first Batman comic that got her face messed up by Pyg.

Ethan: And Flamingo is a bad guy that uses a gun and a whip and looks like he came from the circus. He kind of looks like the Joker in this comic.

Liam: Batman and Robin are trying to stop Red Hood and the girl from killing bad guys and Flamingo is coming to kill Red Hood because he doesn’t want the other bad guys to get killed. I like the trap that Flamingo set for Batman and Robin in the front of the issue. Red Hood still might be a little good because he doesn’t kill Batman and Robin but he takes their masks off and puts TV cameras on them and tells people that if they vote for Red Hood a million times he’ll show them all who Batman and Robin really are.

Ethan: I like when Robin tells everyone to get a life for trying to look at them

Liam: Batman and Robin escape pretty easy and then they go after Red Hood and the girl but they’re busy fighting the Flamingo.

Ethan: My favorite part is when Robin tried to take the rifle and Batman told him he couldn’t use it and he got all mad. Robin is really funny in the comic.

Liam: I liked that part, too. And later on Robin saves Red Hood’s life by shooting a rocket launcher at Flamingo. He’s just a little kid but he’s kind of crazy.
Even though he listens to Batman, Damien still thinks that Dick Grayson isn’t as good of a Batman as his dad was so he still tries to do his own thing.

Ethan: I thought it was cool that the good guys and the bad guys teamed up to fight the Flamingo because he was a bigger bad guy and they all needed to work together.

Liam: There are a lot of great parts in the story. Batman and Robin are always fun. I like how they talk to each other and sometimes argue when they battle the bad guys but somehow even when they’re fighting they always win. I like how all the good guys were telling the Red Hood that they’re better because they don’t kill and were trying to make him be a good guy again.

Ethan: The Flamingo looked weird in a couple pictures and he didn’t get to do much but I liked how the Red Hood got him at the end.

Liam: Sometimes it was hard to see what was happening in the pictures but I figured it out.

Ethan: I like Nightwing being Batman. I hope he stays Batman for a long time.

Liam: He’s really cool as Batman. And Damien is the best Robin, ever.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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