Friday, November 20, 2009

The Amazing Spider-Man #611

Amazing Spider-Man #611
Written by Joe Kelly and illustrated by Eric Canete
Published by Marvel Comics

I haven’t read Spider-Man for awhile. We get a lot of comics and I don’t have time to read them as much anymore and do everything else. But this issue of Spider-Man had Deadpool in it so I really wanted to read it because Spider-Man is awesome and Deadpool is awesome.

This issue starts with Deadpool pretending to talk on the phone to President Obama but it’s just a lie because his phone rings and it shows he wasn’t talking to anyone. The girl Kraven family hires Deadpool to keep Spider-Man busy because they have a secret plan going on and they don’t want Spider-Man in the area trying to stop them. Deadpool wanted to charge them two billion dollars for the job but they only paid him ten thousand and he was still excited about it.

Spider-Man has to fight this really lame villain who’s just a girl on stilts and he can’t stop laughing at how silly she looks. Deadpool helps Spider-Man out even though he doesn’t need it and then asks for his autograph. He said he looks up to Spider-Man and wants an autograph of their team up but the pen he gives Spider-Man is really a bomb. Deadpool and Spider-Man fight for awhile but Deadpool is pretty much just talking to himself the whole time and Spider-Man keeps saying how crazy he is. Deadpool did talk a lot more in this comic. He always talks to his imagination in his regular book but he did it a lot more here and it started to be annoying. I like the shorter jokes better.

The best part of the book is when Spider-Man and Deadpool go to a playground and start trash talking on each other. There are a bunch of kids playing basketball and they stop to watch the fight. Deadpool is making fun of Spider-Man’s mom and then Spider-Man starts making fun of Deadpool’s mom. Deadpool tells him that he has the biggest joke ever and it will make Spider-Man cry for days but his job ends before he can say the joke. I wanted to hear the joke. My favorite one was that Deadpool’s mom was so dumb she thinks Cheerios are donut seeds but all the jokes were good. It was fun to see them fight with insults instead of just another big battle.

The art was definitely strange in the comic. The stilt lady bad guy looked very weird and Spider-Man and Deadpool were drawn really different from other times. I kind of liked the different way they looked here and I especially like the way the artist draws Spider-Man’s mask and eyes. It looks really good. He draws a cool looking Spider-Man

The only part of the book I didn’t like was the Peter Parker parts. They kept going blah, blah, blah and I thought that was kind of weird. And there’s a part where a car splashes water on a guy next to Peter Parker. Peter Parker doesn’t get wet but the guy does so his kid throws soda on him. He should have webbed the kid up for that. The bad guy was kind of lame, too but it’s okay because this issue was supposed to be really funny with Deadpool and Spider-Man and it was.

It was a pretty good comic with a lot of funny parts but not so much action. In one part Deadpool says he’s going to meet Spider-Man again in Deadpool issue 19. I hope that’s true because I want to read that.

Rating: 8.5 out of 10

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