Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Nova #25

Nova #25
Written by Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and illustrated by Kevin Sharpe
Published by Marvel Comics

Nova is a really cool character. I like his costume a lot and he has awesome powers. He can pretty much take on anyone he wants because he has all this cosmic power and he is stronger than a lot of other people. I started reading the Nova comic during the Skrull story and it was really good. I never heard of Nova before that but the cover looked cool and I started reading since that issue. He reminds me of Green Lantern who is a great character because he has a lot of adventures in space and he listens to alien bosses and there are a ton of other creatures and humans who have Nova costumes and powers.

In the earlier comics the creature that lives in Nova’s head left him and was making up all these other Nova people without the main Nova knowing. The Worldmind creature was making Nova mad by doing all the sneaking around and when Nova started to get angrier the Worldmind took all of his powers and without his powers Nova will die. A friend of Nova’s called Quasar gave him wristbands that would help him have a lot of power again so he could fight Worldmind and save his life. He’s not a Nova anymore though because the wristbands gave him new powers and a new costume. He is still really, really powerful though. And Worldmind is more powerful too because he merged with a living planet.

So in this comic Nova and the Worldmind are battling pretty much for the entire comic. Nova says that Worldmind is crazy and needs to be stopped and Worldmind says that he’s doing the right thing. Worldmind is worried that Nova is going to win and sends out all of his Nova corps to battle for him and kill the good Nova. They are all under mind control so they can’t stop listening to him even if they know it’s wrong. The real Nova is too tough for them and he is able to get inside the machine that controls the Worldmind and get all of his powers back.

Nova is a really great comic. I sort of knew that he was going to get his powers back or something because they couldn’t just kill him but I liked the way he had to battle Worldmind and the army of Novas to win. There was a lot of good action in the book and the artist draws all the Nova characters really good. All of the explosions and space stuff was drawn well, too. I like all of the little things the artist puts on the page like scratches on the metal part of the costumes and all of the little rocks and pieces that break off when something blows up. One of my favorite parts of the comic was at the end because it looks like there is an evil Nova who is going to be coming after the good Nova soon. His costume is darker and he has red eyes. I like the idea of a good and evil Nova battling and hope that’s what happens soon.

My Rating: 9.5 out of 10
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