Sunday, June 7, 2009

Batman and Robin #1

Batman and Robin #1
Written by Grant Morrison and illustrated by Frank Quitely
Published by DC Comics

Liam: My little brother, Ethan, read this comic and wanted to do a review of it with me. He’s done a couple of reviews before but it’s been awhile.

The Batman comic is finally getting back to normal. After Batman going crazy and then getting killed by that alien guy in the other series and then having the Battle for the Cowl story the comic is going to be about the new Batman and Robin. I like that Dick Grayson is the new Batman. He was Batman’s partner the longest and deserves it the most. I’m surprised that Damian is the new Robin though because he’s kind of crazy like Jason.

The car chase in the beginning of the comic was really good. I liked all the crazy bad guys trying to get away and then the new batmobile comes in with Batman and Robin chasing them.

Ethan: I liked the Toad guy. He looks like a real toad. I like how he was driving his car and the batmobile chased them and started to fly and grabbed the Toad’s car and dropped it in the river.

Liam: Yeah the new batmobile is awesome. I really like how it was able to use a magnet or something and pick up the Toad’s car and take it to the river and drop the car and all the bad guys in it.

Ethan: It was funny when the Toad was swimming away and got all wet. My favorite part of the comic is when the Toad climbs out of the water and Batman and Robin punch him at the same time and knock him out.

Liam: I think that was my favorite part, too. I like how they’re both punching the Toad the same way and his briefcase opens and all of the dominos are flying out. I liked how Batman tricked the Toad, too and blindfolded him and made him think that he was going to drop him off a very high building when he was really only a few feet in the air.

Ethan: I liked when Toad ripped off the blindfold after Batman dropped him and he started screaming at Batman and Robin.

Liam: It’s cool how the batmobile works kind of like a plane now and they fly away whenever they’re done. It’s a cooler looking car, too.

Ethan: I really like that the new base that Batman and Robin have. It’s a cool big office building with a new Batcave underneath it.

Liam: It’s like in the movie. I liked how the artist drew it so you could see into the batcave the way you’re looking at the comic. It’s neat that the batcave is in the middle of the city this time instead of out where it used to be. They’re probably be able to get out to stop criminals faster since they’re closer now.

Ethan: Damian is a real jerk to Alfred.

Liam: He’s a jerk to everyone. It’s funny that he tells Dick that he can become Batman himself and not have to be Robin. He thinks he’s the best hero ever and he really doesn’t do much. But he is good with building things, at least. I think that the only reason that Dick is letting Damian be his partner is because he's Bruce's son. He has to be nice to him for that reason.

Ethan: I like how Commissioner Gordon turns on the batsignal and Batman and Robin jump out of the batmobile plane and their capes turn into parachutes.

Liam: That was a very cool page. I like the way Batman and Robin are drawn as they’re parachuting to the ground and the batsignal is shining behind them. It looks really good.

Ethan: I like that in the preview for the next issue it shows Robin getting beat up and all bloody.

Liam: The previews show some pretty interesting things. This comic should stay pretty good for awhile. I liked in the end of the book with that Pyg bad guy. He looks really crazy and the people who are helping him look even crazier. I don’t think that Batman and Robin are going to have a problem with him, though. He looks like he’s just a regular human who wears a pig mask and doesn’t have any powers or anything so Batman will probably kick his butt.

I really like the art in this book a lot. The artist draws the bad guys really creepy, especially the monster people at the end.

Ethan: Yeah.

Liam: He draws things like cars and buildings and stuff looks really well, too. I like that he does a lot of detail like putting wrinkles on the costume and everything. It makes the characters look more real when they’re drawn like that and not everything is so perfect.

Ethan: I liked the cover.

Liam: The cover was real good. It looks like Batman is kind of looking at Robin and smirking because he knows that Damian thinks he’s so awesome but he’s really not. I liked this comic a lot. It’s good to see Batman and Robin fighting together.

Ethan: I hope they fight the Joker or Croc soon.

Liam: I bet they will. This is going to be a really cool series.

Our Rating: 10 out of 10


tomztoyz said...

Great Review!! I have not read this book yet but have heard only good things about it.

Hello Internet said...

Best Batman comic in a long time. I don't think it's been bad recently or anything, but this was outstanding in every way.

Great review.

Brett Williams said...

Very insightful review! I love the way Quitely draws those costumes too!

Liam said...

I'm glad you liked our review of the book

Liam said...

The guy who draws the comic is a very good artist.

Mark Rosario said...

A Batcave in the middle of the city, huh?.. You got me really interested with that. I think I better check this out :)

Bertone said...

You've been linked :)

Geoff said...

Nice breakdown, champs.

B.R said...

Delightful, indeed! Liam, I am really impressed wit' you, dude! (Can I call you that?) Only 8 and already one of the best reviewers ever! If I ever write a comic book (plannin' to)I'll be darned happy if you like it, because us writers do what we do for you kids and you fans and critics!
you rock, batboy!
And holy batundies, Batman!
You're only 8!
Your bro reviews really coolely, too. Cheers!

Liam said...

Ethan's happy you liked his reviews, too. He really likes doing them now.

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