Monday, April 27, 2009

Deadpool: Suicide Kings #1

Deadpool: Suicide Kings #1
Written by Mike Benson and illustrated by Carlo Barberi
Published by Marvel Comics

This is another comic book with Deadpool in it. I’m a big Deadpool fan and I’m glad he’s showing up in a lot of comics because he’s really funny and his books have a lot of action and funny moments and the art is always pretty good, too. I saw the action figure of the movie Deadpool from Wolverine and it looks really bad. Deadpool doesn’t have swords on his hands, he carries them. He should be wearing a mask and I don’t know why all that stuff is on his mouth because if he can’t talk then he’s not going to be funny. Deadpool was really good in the Hulk cartoon but they better not ruin him in the movie.

Deadpool sees an ad in the newspaper about being the best mercenary and that the winner is going to get two hundred thousand dollars so he goes to this secret location to try out but it’s a set up. All these other people are there and they try to kill Deadpool but he is too good for them and kills them right away. Then when he is looking at them all on the ground he asks ‘is there a doctor in the house’. Deadpool meets a guy who says that he was testing him and then promises Deadpool that if he helps him with these gangsters who want his money he’ll give Deadpool two million dollars. Deadpool always agrees to do crazy jobs for people that he doesn’t know because he just wants the money but it never works out for him. The people who hire him always try to set him up but Deadpool never learns.

The funniest parts of Deadpool comics are when he has his dreams. He’s so crazy that he is either talking to himself or imagining weird things that could happen. When Deadpool is thinking about how much money he can make from his job his biggest dream is to buy a bunch of giant bouncy balls that he can hop around on. In another part he is having dinner and a waitress asks if there is anything else he’d like and he dreams that him and the waitress are getting married. I liked it because he has his costume on under his suit and there are all these superheroes watching them get married.

Deadpool is told to go to some building later on but once he gets there the whole place blows up. Deadpool wants help and some guy is just standing there videotaping the whole thing and not helping. It turns out that the videotaping guy helped set Deadpool up again so it looked like he blew up the building. The news is saying that Deadpool is doing all of this bad stuff and then the Punisher says that he is going to go after Deadpool. I liked how the artist showed the Punisher’s secret base and all of the equipment that he had in there like pumpkin bombs from Green Goblin and Ant Man’s helmet and stuff like that. As usual, it’s a good Deadpool comic. The Punisher is supposed to always win so I’m curious to see what happens when him and Deadpool fight.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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