Monday, April 27, 2009

Amazing Spider-Man #592

Amazing Spider-Man #592
Written by Mark Waid and illustrated by Mike McKone
Published by Marvel Comics

Spider-Man just came back from his adventure with the Fantastic Four and he’s mad that it took so long. He was only supposed to be away helping them for a day or two and he was actually gone for two months and one of his enemies, Jonah Jameson is the mayor of New York and someone is sneaking into his apartment and cleaning up things when he’s away and he doesn’t know who it is.

All of the parts with Jameson were really funny. He is getting yelled at and talked to by a lot of different people who want to ask questions and stuff because he’s the mayor and he just wants to be left alone. And then his dad is bad and wants to get to know him even though they haven’t seen each other in a long time. Jameson’s dad likes Spider-Man and thinks that he is a hero but Jameson still hates him. It was really funny when the two of them were in Jameson’s office arguing and then they hear crunching. Spider-Man is sitting in a web hammock outside of the window eating a bucket of popcorn listening to them fight and then when he came inside he gave Jameson’s dad the bucket of popcorn. Jameson’s dad says that Spider-Man is cool and Spider-Man says he loves the dad and it just makes him even madder. Spider-Man came to the mayor’s office because he wants to call a truce since Jameson is the mayor but Jameson calls out a SWAT team to shoot him down.

Spider-Man dodges all the bullets and jumps out the window and says that he is just going to be Spider-Man all the time to mess with Jameson. I like that all the newspapers show that Spider-Man is doing things all the time and being a big hero and saving people and catching bad guys but I really think they should have shown the art for that. The one thing I did not like in the book is that there was no fighting at all. Spider-Man is in costume a lot swinging around and talking to people but that’s all he does. And in the part where it talks about all the crime he’s stopping they don’t show any of it so I thought that was a waste of drawings. All the drawings of Spider-Man looked great, though. I like how the artist drew him in a bunch of different positions when he was swinging around but my favorite page is when he is in the web hammock and the Jamesons are just staring at him.

The book had a lot more things in it that were funny and a lot less action. The funny parts were really good, though. In one part in the mayor’s office one of Jameson’s friends is telling him that Spider-Man even saved a cat and in the drawings a cat in a basket is being lowered on a web to Jameson. Jameson says he’ll pay for even more people to hunt down Spider-Man and the cat is licking him when Spider-Man swings by his window singing.

I hope that there will be some more action in the next issue, though. It’d be cool if in the next issue that Vulture bad guy who is killing the other bad guys shows up and fights Spider-Man so we can get a good action fight with Spider-Man. It was still a good comic but mostly because of the art and the funny moments.

Rating: 9.5 out of 10

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